Renewables Sector

PQE continues to work with local and international industry leaders in this sector.

OpenHydro Technology Ltd

Openhydro is an Irish based technology company whose business is the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of marine turbines for generating renewable energy from tidal streams. Openhydro is uniquely positioned in the tidal energy industry. It has a commercial scale, tidal turbine with proven ability to generate electricity, the technical ability to connect successfully to a national grid and a method to deploy turbines quickly, safely and economically on the seabed. In the period 2011 to 2015, Openhydro’s objectives are to deploy commercial scale turbines in France, Canada and the US.

Working with the team behind the largest tidal array in the world was an exciting challenge for PQE. OpenHydro has commissioned PQE to produce many of the intricate steel fabrications required for their unique tidal turbines.

“PQE have an exceptional work ethic and continuously demonstrate an unwavering commitment to satisfy all our expectations. This was especially evident this year where PQE were involved in many intricate precision manufactured fabrications for our first commercial 16 meter diameter tidal turbine. We look forward to working with PQE on future engineering projects.”

Niall O’Callahan, Operations Manager, Openhydro Technology Ltd.